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Home Exercise for Parents and Kids!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Stuck at home? Didn't have time to take yourself or your child to the gym? No problem! We all have busy lives and sometimes we don't have the time or resources to be able to get to every appointment. That doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the time you do have at home with the resources you might have never known you could use around the house!

Here are some home exercises you can do at home!

Couch Lunges: [ 3 x 20 each leg ]

Couch Step Ups: [ 3 x 20 each leg ]

Doggies ( Aka Fire Hydrant ) [ 3 x 10 each leg ]

Squat Jumps: [ 3 x 15 ]

Wall Sit Holds: [ 1 min. x 3 ] ( You can make this harder by holding a big fluffy pillow or baby / toddler )

Toe Raises: [ 3 x 10 on each leg ] ( Make sure you find a ledge to do this on )

Push Ups: [ 3 x 10 ] ( you can do these on your knees and if you want an extra push, you can have your child lay on your back )

Crunches: [ 5 x 10 ] ( you and your child can switch places holding each others feet down)

You can even play patty cake as you come up for each crunch!

Hand Stands: [ 10 Sec. ] Even if you can't do it, TRYING is a whole work out in itself! You can make a game out of it with your little one! If you are afraid of falling over feel free to use the wall as support!

Jumping Jacks : [ 3 x 10 ]

Wall Kicks: [ 3 x 20 each leg ]

Mountain Climbers: [ 3 x 10 ]

Flutter Kicks: [ 3 x 20 ]


PLAY TAG! A fun and tiring way to get your cardio in while bonding with your child!


DANCE PARTY! 30 minutes of dancing will have everyone at home having a blast while showing off cool ( or goofy) dance moves, listening to your favorite music and sweating while getting that workout in!

& Last but not lease STRETCH!

Cool down stretching is the best because it

- Reduces heart and breathing rates

- Cools body temperature

- Return muscles to their optimal length-tension relationships

- Prevent venous pooling of blood in the lower extremities

- Restore physiologic systems close to baseline

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