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Parent & Me

Mommy or Daddy & Baby

Parent & Me classes to develop your little one's gross and fine motor skills in a safe, fun, and exciting environment.

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Ages 4-6

Watch your children find the rhythm of their own beat while learning about body awareness , team work and leadership skills!

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Ages 6-10

Our Grizzly class allows your child to learn and use a variety of skills while having the correct fundamentals! 

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Open Gym

All Ages Welcome

Best way to learn is through play! Take advantage of our 1.5 hour Open gym to try out knew tricks in a safe, professionally supervised gym!


Adv. Tumbling

Ages 8 +

A program for those who are ready to show off some cool moves while staying safe! Perfect for those who would like to learn tumbling for all sorts of other activities such as Cheerleading, Diving, Acrobatics, Martial Arts etc.

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Perfect 10

Ages 4+

P10 is a program for younger kids who show real love and determination for the sport! This is a team program and requires evaluation.

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Ages 3-5

Watch your toddler learn the basics of gymnastics and tumbling that will facilitate the development of agility, flexibility and mobility to set them ahead in life.

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Ages 6-8

Technique is key when it comes to any sport! In our Panda Class we teach the proper technique that will prepare you kids for any elements that comes their way!

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Ages 8 +

Level up and let your child soar through higher skills that will get them ready for team sports as well as our competitive teams here at AOGC!


Tumble Champs

Ages 8+

Take your tumbling to the next level with our professional staff and high end equipment. This class is meant for kids who want to learn only the tumbling part of gymnastics that can be used in other sports!


Advanced Rec.

Ages 8+

Advance Rec. is the final step in our recreational program! Your child will learn all the ins and outs of gymnastics fundamentals until they are ready to move into one of our Team Programs!


Xcel Team 

All Ages Welcome 

Our Xcel Team program gives our kids the opportunity to experience competing gymnastics while having the freedom to commit to other activities.

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